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To give hope to Amhara children who lost their parents to the wave of genocidal massacres and war.


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What started as a desperate attempt to save one little girl from Metekel who lost both parents has now grown into sponsoring over 530 children through 150 sponsor families and over 200 donors. In addition, the program has expanded to give hope to many children who lost one or both parents due to the ethnic cleansing in Metekel, Wollega, Ataye, and the war-torn regions of Ethiopia.

Wonfel partners with the United Amhara Charities and Development Association, ANRS Bureau of Women, Children & Social Affairs, and Amhara Students Association to operate the program.  

As part of the collaboration:

•   Wonfel is responsible for finding sponsors and connecting them with needy children.

•   Wonfel promotes the program through its website, social media, and fundraising.

•  Our partners provide Wonfel with a list of children who have lost one or both parents from the areas impacted by the genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war.

Sponsor a Child Program:

• Program is 100% sponsor/donor-supported and volunteer-based.

• Suggested sponsorship level: $25-$35/month.

• Individual monthly contribution is combined with those of other sponsors/donors and wired as one payment batch per month/location. 

• Children's guardians/caretakers have a bank account and a phone number.

• Sponsors receive a profile of the child they are sponsoring.

• Sponsors are encouraged to contact their sponsored kids to verify the accuracy of the information we have provided and to create a connection with the family.

Your participation in this program is both a charitable contribution and an effective way to fight poverty. Additionally, it provides opportunities for children to have a better future. 

Would you like to join us in this mission to rescue thousands of vulnerable children? 

Donation Options: 

1.  Wonfel: Sponsor A Child Program | Mightycause

2.  PayPal: https://www.wonfel.org/

3.  Wonfel Venmo: info@wonfel.org                                      

4.  Wonfel Zelle t: info@wonfel.org

5.  Direct Bank Deposit:   

  Bank Of America – 

      Account No: 325165340966

      Routing: 121000358

                                      ወንፈል የተሰጠንን እንሰጣለን!

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