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Let us help the families of the wounded and fallen heroes rebuild their life!


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Amid the chaos and despair of the Tigrayan force's invasion of the Amhara region, many Amhara families were left to fend for themselves without the government's presence for months. Many of these Amhara families were chased out of their houses, villages, and towns, leaving behind their properties and livestock.  During this invasion, the Tigrayan force maliciously burnt down houses and crops to ashes, and hundreds of civilian institutions, clinics, and hospitals have been damaged, ransacked, and looted across the Amhara region, depriving a large segment of the population of healthcare services.  Several thousand students are forced to stay out of school.  

To bring hope to those whose lives have been shattered by the invasion, Amhara Emergency Fund (AEF) in cooperation with Wonfel Aid designed a program called Support Heroes Family to save lives and help rebuild their tattered lives.  A program dedicated to the "Heroes and Heroines" who left their families, and homes to defend their country, land, and identity, from the invading TPLF and OLF-SHENE armies.  

We work alongside the local communities and Amhara Student Association (ASA) on data collection, and logistic needs to execute the program.  

The magnitude of the need and pressure on these families and communities continues to grow as we get access to information, witnessing millions of families' lives turned upside down; a heart-wrenching event in the history of our country.

This project has identified more than 3,300 families that need our support.  Any amount of donation is highly appreciated as every dollar is vital for the success of the program.  

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